How Do I Find My Missing Hamster If He's Missing In My House?


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If he's new, he's scared. Put out a tiny bit of food in a couple of rooms & close those doors. Keep the house quiet. If he feels safe he'll come out to eat or explore. Check the rooms once in a while to see if the food is disturbed. He will most likely stay against the walls. If you must search, bathrooms & closets first. ( shoes are great ) Place a towel under each door afterwards so he doesn't backtrack. I once had to use a blowdryer & blew under & behind all the furniture to find my nieces Chinese hamster. Don't fret pudding, take your time. If you have it in you, stay up tonight, & keep an open eye. Good luck & good hunting.
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You should get a little box or a little cage then you put some food and hay so the hamster will sleep in it then the next morning you go check the little box or little cage by the way it should be in there oh also I tried it and it worked so here is my advice
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If you have an idea of witch room it's in put
it's food in the center of the room on the
floor and call it.
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I live in an apartment,and I have searched every corner in the house! I put out sausages and her fave foods, but she still wouldnt come out! Help!
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Oh, I know how you feel. Are you sure he's still in the house? Well, put out his favorite food. Call his name. Etc. Give me a shout if you need more info!!
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Oh, I know how you feel!!!! My hamster escaped this morning... I just found him. I found him in a small area, in between a wall, and a little wooden bench-thing. Try putting food in a room, put towels under the doors, block off all hallways, so they can't go to far... And put everything up high. If you're up to it, stay up all night and watch for them. Good luck! I wish you the best in finding your little sweetheart. Once you find them, you should tie the doors shut in case they can push it open.
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Get hes like favorite food and set it out and watch to see if he comes
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put some food in a bucket and make steps up to it wait until night when the hamster is active and hungry. the hamster will find the food in the bucket and will not be able to get out. Ta da Found Hamster!

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