What breed of dog should I get? I already have a golden labrador retriever. I am allowed to get another dog as a late birthday present. It has to be gentle, friendly, intelligent and have a lot of energy. I was thinking maybe a kelpie?


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Well I don't know much about dogs, I prefer wolves as better companions, but I do know that every dog is different. If you want a gentle, friendly, intelligent, and energetic dog, no species can guarentee that. It depends on the dog, not the species. Yes, the genetic programming of the species may make the dog capable of being smarter or more energetic, and certain species are easier to tame than others, but keep in mind that there are always dogs that differ a lot from the rest of the species (like me).
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How about  a german sheperd :-)
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How about a bedlington terrier, a friend of mine has a golden lab and a bedlington he says they are well matched
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I suggest a good dog like a beagle or sharpei will be a good companion for you and for the golden Labrador retriever.
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Do u like Pugs or Golden Reteivers? There is also Chows that look like little lions lol  can be aggressive though
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Kelpie's are highly energetic and smart, schnauzer would be a good option  the hungarian vizler is known for beauty agility and also adores the attention of humans if you can afford one that would be the best option

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