How Do I Find My Hamster Who Has Been Missing For 2 Days?


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I had a hamster once who was missing for 6 weeks in the middle of the winter! I couldn't find it anywhere. So what I did was this: Next to his cage I placed food and water and hay and pieces of fabric and left it there. I also left all inside doors open. Every morning when I woke up, the food and hay and fabric was gone - so I knew that my hamster was still alive and started making a nest somewhere (it was winter, so a warm nest was very important because Hamsters originally lived in the desert!).

One day I happened to get up very early, switched on the light and saw my hamster sitting in the middle of the food I provided the day before. I got up and was able to pick him up.
Hamsters are most active at dawn and dusk - so they would normally come in the late evening or very early morning. Since we are all awake at late evenings, it is likely that a hamster would roam the place in the very early morning hours.
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Put some food out . and wait for night and listen for him because they chitter there teeth. you might hear him eating but he might run when you approach him be quick to pick him up quickly. good luck.
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We had a hamster missing for two days. It was so hot outside and I was really upset because we tore out everything to find her. We look in every corner of every room and she was gone. Then one morning I went into the bathroom before work and there she was sitting up looking at me. It was crazy. We thought for sure she was gone and she just appeared. They like being along the walls and into the corners. Don't give up, it will probably just appear out of no where. They usually do but look in corners and under thing along the walls. That is where they like to hide.
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Mine is missing right now, and its a 2 month dwarf hamster. I set a bucket with food in it and stairs so it could climb up. I also put some water beside the bucket so it doesn't die of dehydration. I put it on the main and second floor of the house. Be sure to look in corners, walls and warm places which is usually where they like to hide.
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Sometimes, if you have had your hamster for a while, all you have to do is shake his box of food. He should come out looking for it. When my hamster went missing that's all that we had to do. It also helped that he would come when he was called too. some hamsters are really friendly. I had degus that would come out of their cages and the only way that they would come back was when we left the cage out on the floor and opened. They would come back home for the food and water.
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Leave food and water out around the cage and look under and behind stuff especially like the refrigerator and stove and freezer. They like to hide and come out after dark.
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If you have a hamster that is missing make sure you look at place where is warm and dark if you still can't find your hamster put sunflower seed and put a trail to the cage and the hamster will follow it(hamster love sunflower sends.)
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My hamster was missing for about 3 hours once because my cousin left cage open and all we did was sit in every room in the house until we heard a noise! Then we checked when we just about to give up we found him in my really old barbie car! He had gotten stuck while trying to get in in!we had heard noises of all kinds of stuff while looking! I'm just glad my cats did not eat him and my dogs(well one of my dogs) is afraid of him so we found him and were fine!
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Our hamster Lola got out from her cage, we check the kitchen and we have one cat but luckily he is a friendly cat, and my daughter keep asking our cat, if he sees Lola, we keep calling her name and finally I saw her with file of cat foods. She came to me when she saw that I have a treat for her. And gently pick her up and back to her cage. Goodluck...

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