Can Dogs Catch Colds?


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Dog owners often find that, after having left their animal in kennels while on holiday, they return to find that they seem to have developed a cold. In reality, however, the animal has caught kennel cough.

Kennel cough is a common disease amongst canines which manifests itself in the classic human cold-like symptoms of sneezing and coughing. It is highly contagious, and takes its name from the environment in which it is most often spread due to the animals' close proximity to one another. It leads to the inflammation of the upper respiratory system and can be caused by both viral and bacterial infections. As well as coughing and sneezing, dogs suffering with kennel cough often experience nausea and gagging, and in some cases may run a fever. The symptoms normally last between ten and twenty days.

The disease is easily treatable, with antibiotics given to fight off any bacterial infection and cough suppressants to stop the symptoms. In order to prevent the spread of the disease most kennels now demand a certificate of vaccination before admitting a dog.
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My dog snores a lot and occasionally hacks a cough that seems to produce phlrgm, which she then chews and swallows. She is 9 years old and recently had surgery for an ACL. Is the throat discomfort associated with the surgery and two day hospitalization?
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Yes they can catch cold,which can do them harm as much as it does to us,so the dog should go to the vet.
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Dogs get sick just like humans do. I always make sure that my dog is warm, the easiest way is to check the dogs ears, if they are cold, the dog is losing its heat and is not warm enough.

Never let your dog sit or lay in the freezing weather. Make sure he or she is active enough and pay attention - a risen paw indicates that the dog is cold.

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yes.The dogs can catch cold,The dog gets sick  just likes human do.Never let sit to dog in freezing weather.

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