Can A Cat Catch A Cold? What Are The Symptoms?


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Cats are prone to developing Feline Upper Respiratory Complex--this is a series of viruses that break down the body's immune system and allow bacteria to invade.  The signs include nasal discharge, sneezing, lethargy, and conjunctivitis.  Vomiting is a not usually a sign of respiratory disease and aside from the snoring your cat is not experiencing respiratory signs.  There are many things that cause vomiting.  Have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the vomiting.
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Yes. Cats can catch a cold just like us. There will be nasal discharge, watery eyes, sneezing, heavy breathing and coughing to go along with it as well. The cold will run its course over a week or ten days, but if it is a respiratory infection or something that will not go away over time, you will need to go to your local vet for a prescription of medication.

In the meantime, make sure your cat is hydrated. Keep water close to her so she can drink it when she wants to. Also give her food that is easier to take down, so she does not stop eating. Since she is throwing up mucus, it is possible there is an infection as well, so check her temperature and if she is running a fever than take her to a vet within 24 hours if rest does not help her get better.
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Yes a cat can catch a cold.Oddly enough,your cat's symptoms,will be very similar to yours,sneezing,running nose,coughing,wheezing and sometimes a mucous discharge either from it's nose or mouth.It is also possible for your cat to have a breathing problem,cold sore type ulcers around it mouth and red teary eyes that have a discharge.
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Unfortunately they can, poor kitty I hope she is feeling better

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