Will A Mother Bird Kill Its Baby If It Smells Human Scent?


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Doris answered
Yes, The mother bird will usually abandon the nest if human scent is present.
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Not exactly. She may abandon it or push it out of the nest because of the smell, if you only touched a baby bird, then you can put it back, but if you held it in your hands, then you probably left a lot your scent on him\her. Baby birds like crushed up worms that they can easily chew. Add a little bit of water, and it will open it's beak when you gently tap it with a stick. It will need to eat every 2-3 hours. You'll need to take care of it, so good luck!
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No, it will still take care of the baby bird. I found some birds on my porch and before I touched them I went to google to see if the mom bird would come back to her nests if I messed with the birds and they will. I would not interfere too much though because it might spook the mom bird off.

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