Is there a way to raise a stray baby bunny?  Long story short, some kids got their hands on a bunny, the mother is god knows where, and if it IS still there, I fear it will reject the bunny due to it being touched by humans, and something ELSE will kill it. I also fear it will die of fright. It doesn't bite, and it's perfectly healthy as far as we know. But since it doesn't have a mother, would anyone happen to know how to take care of it and what to feed it? Thank you all in advance.


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It really depends on how old it is and it's size.

It should be returned to the exact place where it was found, the mother will find it. Contrary to popular beliefs, animals will NOT reject their young because of "human touch".

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I had a bunny nest in my yard my dog found. She didn't hurt the babies but was curious. After getting my dog away, I went online and did some research. Baby bunnies are not like other mammals that need to be fed every few hours. They can go 12 hours without being fed. The mother will usually show up at dawn and at dusk to feed and then leave. So please leave the bunny where it was found and the mama will come back and take care of it. In my case I would see the mother came in around sunset. I just kept my dog in at that time. Actually my dog became protective of he nest. It was near the age of my yard and if a neighbor got too close she start barking at them.

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