Two wild birds were killed in my garden this week by a local cat. If they had been my birds, and they had been killed by a dog, I would have been legally allowed to shoot the dog. But apparently it is OK for cats to kill wild birds. Is this fair?


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As "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so "fair is in he who judges". Personally I believe discharging a firearm in a residential area is extremely dangerous. I would trap the cats and turn them over to the local human society.

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I agree Ray. It's time for you to get a cat trap. It's time consuming and a hassle being patient but it's worth it in the end.

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Shooting them might not do much for neighbourhood harmony, and shooting the owner would be just a tad illegal, but shouldn't the Greens be campaigning to have all cats sent to a finishing school for felines before being released to prey on unsuspecting avians?

Cats that continue to offend could then be reclassified from domestic to industrial animals and could be used as witches' hats in advanced driving courses.

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There are no community laws that rule nature in terms of an animal killing a wild animal (in this case, bird - a natural prey of a natural predator).  Domestic animals killing other domestic animals .. Yep, you bet. Pets are considered as property and it is against the law for a domesticated pet to kill someone elses pet...but not a wild animal.  Same goes for rodents and insects (rats, mice, bugs .. you name it).

That is just the nature of the beast..litterally. There is nothing 'fair' about nature.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
Do people not neuter their cats their?
Ray  Dart
Ray Dart commented
They don't anywhere, really - one of my friends in NY spends time capturing feral cats to take them away to have them neutered but she admits they only get a few percent of them. And yes, wildlife population are crashing here, and it is down to pet cats, not feral cats, we have less of those than you do in the US. One significant difference is that the concept of "house cats" does not really exist here in the UK, it is considered cruel to prevent a cat from roaming. Another difference is the size of the country, in a small rural community like mine a few cats can significantly alter the wildlife balance, and the next village is only a couple of miles away. In the US, the next village may be 30 miles, or 300 miles away, plenty of room for wildlife to survive the predations of people's pets.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Wow .. that is quite fascinating .. I didn't realize there was such a difference
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You just need a couple of these in your yard !

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Zack -  Mr. GenXer
That cat is hosed.
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A couple of those would take out the cats, the garden, the house and half the neighborhood. Well at least the cat problem would be resolved.
Side note; even with it written "Front towards enemy", there were a few folk who could not determine which side was "Front". (For two English was their second language.)
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I'm just hoping you wouldn't REALLY shoot a dog! 😲

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Ray  Dart
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I wouldn't actually hurt any animal if I could avoid it, not even bird- and wildlife-killing, garden-ruining disgusting cats.
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No, it sure isn't fair, and  PEOPLE NEED TO KEEP THEIR DAMN CATS INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Curiously, though, that is considered cruel and unnatural here in the UK.
Donald Trump's Hair Is Lovely
Well, they're much better off indoors. Keeps them alive, at least. I learned the hard way, many, many years ago, to keep my cats indoors. Finally got cats to live to more than two years old. Best thing I could have done. They were/are happy, too.

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