My King Charles Has Sticky Eyes In The Morning What Can I Do For Him?


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My seven month old male staffy as a discharge from his right eye. This only appeard after he had been out for a walk and whent throught some deep water after it had rained ( large puddle that coverd his head) I have been bathing it in clean warm water. He is not showing singes of it disturbing him . I am doing the right thing ! Thanks
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Eye discharge in all animals including dogs is to keep the eyes clean. If you clean the eyes of your dogs with damp tissue and then your dog remain discharge free throughout the day then no need to worry. If your dog continue to have discharge all the day and keep scratching his eyes then infection that can be bacterial or viral and allergies are expected. So, if this is the case with your dog then take him to vet. Following are possible causes of eye discharge in dogs. Final diagnosis will be done by your vet.

1. Bacterial or viral infection
2. Injuries
3. Allergic Irritants
4. Parasites of eyelids
5. Infections of eyelids
6. Foreign material in eyes
7. Problems of tear production
8. Problems of tear glands

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