Why Is My Dog Vomiting Dark Green Bile?


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Dogs will vomit from time to time, and this shouldn't be anything to get too worried about.

However, when a dog's vomit is green, this can be indicative that something going on in its stomach is not quite right.

Why is my dog's vomit green?
The most common cause of green-discoloration of dog vomit is bile.

This is a liquid found in the small intestines of a dog, and might be brought up as vomit due to inflammation or infection.

Several gastric conditions (such as enteritis) could be the cause of your dog's unusually green vomit so, to get a proper diagnosis, I would recommend taking him/her to a vet if symptoms persist.

What causes green vomit?
Before you rush your vet off to the animal ER, you may want to consider the following:

Has your dog eaten grass recently? Animals will often eat grass because the blades tickle their insides and make them throw up. This is a dog's way of cleaning out its stomach.

Is it possible that your dog has eaten anti-freeze? Antifreeze smells and tastes great to dogs. Unfortunately, it can be lethal - even in small amounts.
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It is green or yellow? Bile is the most likely answer from the stomach.

He/she has been eating something causing the puking (gastric upset). Watch for grass. Dogs like grass. They eat it, then puke it up.

Don't give spoiled food. NEVER, even if you think it is just a day or so spoiled. Also, dogs are scavengers. They like carrion. Don't let them eat mice.
Clear up this by feeding cottage cheese mixed in with dry food. Or give yogurt in small amounts until puking stops. Give lots of clear drinking water. Never water sitting outside in a container. It has bacteria in it. 

Then, get to your vet pretty darn quick!
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Has your dog been eating much grass or anything else green? Otherwise acting normally? There could be many reasons for this.

Some of the more serious could be that they got into something they shouldn't (toxic) or maybe ATE something they shouldn't which is now blocking the intestines.

Those are very serious issues. You may want to head to your vet to get things checked out.

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