My Dog Is Puking Green And Drinking Lots Of Water And Hasnt Eatin For Two Weeks What Is This?


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I'd try giving him aloe vera juice from the local health food store. See if that doesn't stop the puking. If it does, get some Acidopholus or let him eat some yogurt. Make him rice and ground beef to eat. If this doesn't help, get him to a vet. If he hasn't eaten in 2 weeks, he's probably going to die.
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Aloe Vera is toxic to dogs. Your dog has definitely got into something toxic to it's system. There is a lady out there that is highly skilled in homeopathic remedies, she has saved the lives of many people and animals. Her contact info is on
Chances are very high that it may be too late to help your dog. I went through the same thing with one of mine, part of the problem that in quest for more and more water was that it began drinking rainwater in the backyard. Our rainwater is very bad as we live in a heavily polluted area and the water retains some of the chemicals in enough quantities to hurt the dog further.  My vets prescribed a lot of different stuff but nothing helped. It sounds as if the the dog could have gotten into a plant poisonous to dogs. I can only give you some sites to check, and harsh as it sounds, if you can't help, don't allow your canine friend to suffer. Be a kind owner and hold his head and have him put to sleep.

This is a vet online center that has been a great help to many of our clients. (We are dogbreeders).

And this is the Animal Poison center

There is a spot on what to do if dog is poisoned.

My heart is with you, we've been through this. I hope against hope that your dog will be ok.
It sounds like your dog has parvo. Take it to the vet right now.

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