Why is my dog vomiting a green foam?


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You would need to consult your vet. It may be caused by an upset stomach and something green your pup ate like grass or maybe a plant which may or may not have been poisonous, it may be a sign of antifreeze or other poisoning, it may indicate an infection. Your pup may have a blockage or a problem with the liver or kidneys or other things.
General rule is that if your pup vomits three times in an hour or six times in 8 hours call the vet or emergency clinic to discuss it with them as it may indicate an emergency that they need to be seen for. If it doesn't sound like your pup needs to be seen quickly after getting the details they may be able to offer some suggestions on what you might be able to do at home.
If it continues for 24 hours call the vet. If you see any other symptoms, blood, pale gums, lethargy or depression, a fowl oder, distended abdomen, or anything else you should call the vet. I hope your baby is okay and feeling better very soon.

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