How Can Owls See Well At Night?


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The sharpness of an owl's vision at night is a hundred times more than that of human beings. However the weak aspect of their vision is most of the owls are colour blind and the sights that their eyes received usually have a hazy outline.

From a scientific context, the simple reason behind both these two facts is that the eyes of owls contain a lot more rod-shaped receptor cells than the cone-shaped receptor cells. The main function of the cone-shaped receptor cells is to sharpen all the images that it receives along with a sharp sense of recognizing colour. As for the rod-shaped receptor cells, their function is to garner light. Each of these cells contains a substance called 'visual purple', which can convert even a smidgen of light into a sight impression. In an analogical basis, owls have ten times more rod-shaped receptor cells than human beings have in their eyes.
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I have a neighbor that shines a big flashlight up into the trees at nite when the owls start hooting.....does that scare or harm the owl? I want to say something to them that they wouldn't like it if they were sitting at the dinner table and someone flashed a light in their eyes! But I'd like to be a bit more scientific about it!

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