What Are Carnivorous Animals?


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Carnivorous animals (also known as meat-eaters) are animals who's diets consist mostly/exclusively of the meat/flesh of other animals.
Some animals entire nutritional requirements and survival depend completely on the consumption of animal flesh, these are known as obligate carnivores. However not all meat eating animals are considered carnivores, Omnivores are animals that eat both animal meat and non-meat based food (such as local vegetation).
Most carnivorous animals hunt and kill their own prey either in groups or on their own and, in turn, earn their status as predators. The carnivorous animals that do not hunt their own prey are known as scavengers and will often be live on the scraps left by the predators.
Animals that do not eat meat are known as herbivores. Unfortunately for them, in some cases, they are themselves the prey.
Some carnivorous species include: Big cats, Hyenas, Whales, Bats, Sharks, Alligators, Hawks, Eagles, Snakes, Scorpions and Jellyfish.
Some Omnivorous species include: Rats, Baboons, Crows, Chickens, Badgers, Skunks, Hedgehogs and some lizards.

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Meat eating animals are mostly carnivorous animals which feed on flesh of other animals. Lion is a carnivore that feeds on zebra or any other herbivorous animals and a snake that eats frogs on mice is also considered carnivorous animals. Like the shark or any other fish in the ocean or any other water body which eat other fish are considered carnivorous too.

They often pursue their prey, which is their diet and catch them unaware.

The carnivorous animals like Hyena are found in herds and chase, locate and kill their prey. With their powerful hind legs, they run fast to catch their prey like zebra and other species and with grinding teeth called canine teeth. They can rip off the tougher animal hide and tear off meat strips. Since these animals have adaptations to eat and live off animals, they are called as carnivorous animals.

Some of the carnivores include Felines, Canines, Hyenas, Mustelids, Polar Bear, Pinnnepeds, Birds of prey, Anurans, Snakes, Lizards, Crocodilians, Sharks, Toothed Whales, Octopuses and Squid, Spiders, Scorpions, Arachnids, Mantids, Giant Water bugs, Cnidarians.
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Animals which feed on other animal or dead animals are called carnivores
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Carnivorous are animals that only feed on meat.(most people call the meat eaters for example the lion they feed on meat eg humans)
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Carnivorous animals are animals that feed on other animals' flesh. They only eat meat. They do not consume plants, herbs, or anything that isn't meat. So they're animals that only feed on shell fish, land animals, fish, and insects/bugs. In a human's case, vegetarians (they eat anything but meat) are most likely to live longer that carnivores. Most people however are omnivores. They will eat out of both of these categories.
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Carnivorous animals are species that eat only meat for thier survival.They are also called meat-eaters.Such animals are lions, tigers and dogs.Some plants are also carnivorous like the venus flytrap.

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Are animal that other animal to for they nutrient requirement. For example>lion and others

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