My Dog Just Had Her First Heat. Her Nipples Are Hard And A Purple Color - What Could It Be?


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My dog's nipples are hard and purple after her first heat. Is this normal?

This is perfectly normal, especially when female dogs go into their first heat season. The nipples and vulva will swell and become enlarged (and often irritated) during this cycle.

Following the end of this first heat, the dog's nipples and vulva will stay about the same size, and won't ever go back to the size they were before.

If your dog's nipples seem very sore, irritated, or are bleeding after the heat cycle has ended, then it may be best to take her to the vet.

These symptoms could be the sign of infection, allergies or some other more serious complication with your dog's menstruation cycle. However, from your description it sounds as if you have nothing to worry about.

  • Usually, the first sign of a female dog coming into heat is the swelling of the vulva and nipples. This swelling can occur anything from a day or week before bleeding starts.
  • Your pet may also experience some behavioural changes, and may start to lick herself a lot.
  • Female dogs should never be bred on the first heat cycle, and even the second is not advised. Usually, the third heat season is considered to be the optimum time for breeding.

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