Do Black Panthers Attack People?


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It is possible, though very unlikely. Black panthers are Leopards or Jaguars with a color mutation. If you look really close at the picture Polydactyl provided, you can sort of see the spotted mottling beneath the black exterior of the cat's coat in its rear torso and rump area. Most Black panthers are Leopards. Still, whichever the panther is, Jaguar or Leopard, it is just as likely or unlikely to attack people as any other Jaguar or Leopard. There are fewer black ones than spotted of either cat, so any statistics on them versus their spotted cousins would be lower.
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Why would a Black Panther not attack a human? :)

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It is posible,though not likely

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Panthers are solitary, quiet and elusive animals, there has never been a panther attack on people, they will occasionally kill livestock but children and pets could be at risk if you live in an area where panthers are known to be so don't feed wildlife as this will attract predators to your home.

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