What Kind Of Snake Is Brown/ Dark Green With A Yellow Belly?


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Obviously there are lots of different snakes which have similar markings - based on the description it could be any number of snakes. However, I'd imagine the most likely suspects would be either the Common Tree Snake ( or the Eastern Yellow-belly Racer Snake (

The Common Tree Snake is a very common snake found mainly in Australia and Papua New Guinea. This type of snake is harmless and can be distinguished by its very slender body and tail. The colour of the body tends to be olive-green to black, with a pale yellow throat and belly; you may also notice blue areas on the flank. The eyes of tree snakes are larger than in most snakes. Common Tree Snakes, as the name suggests, are most frequently found in habitats ranging from rainforests and woodland to urban areas where they can prey on fish, frogs and small animals.

Another possibility would be the Eastern Yellow-belly Racer. Unlike the previous snake, the Racer is found primarily in the United States, most often in the Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, Texas and Louisiana areas. It is also found less frequently in Canada, and is listed as an endangered species in some states. These snakes can grow to around 1.5 metres and are generally an olive green colour with a yellow underside, very similar to that of the common tree snake. They are relatively nervous snakes and prey on rodents, lizards and frogs.
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I found some info on this webpage-
Common Tree Snake (has a picture)
(Dendrelaphis punctulata)
~ It is a slender quick moving snake found in several different colours (which is why snake identification can be difficult) green, grey, black with a yellow belly (wrongly called yellow belly black snake) and even a light blue colour. These are a non venomous frog feeding snake and are reluctant to bite.

Just saw one on the road and was searching the net looking for what it was also. Hope this helps :)
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It could be a yellow belly water snake but I am not sure. We had one here the other day and our neighbour said that is what it was called.

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