HowTo Treat Young Kittens With Puss In Eyes?


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You need to see your vet. It indicates and illness, infection or disease that needs treatment. It indicates things like conjuntrivitis, URI, herpes, and even FIP. See your vet.
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If you don't have the money to go to the vet there is a old way to do it . Take a bag of Camile tee, wet it down and gently rub out the eye. Repeat 3 times or more every day. The camile tee is good for healing all so good for stomach ache.
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Theres not really a cure just keep getting it out I no its gross but then it starts to go
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You might want to check your cat(s) for herpes or FIP at a minimum or any other chronic diseases that can exist for a period of time on occasion before making them very ill (or causing death)if that's the case with your cats.

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