How Do Centipedes And Millipedes Move?


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As a centipede moves, its legs all move in order down its body, so that a 'wave' of movement seems to travel from one end to the other. The walking legs stretch out sideways and prevent the centipede falling over when it runs.

The legs of the fast running centipede get longer at the rear of its body. As it runs along the ground, it takes larger steps and, at top speed, only a few feet are in touch with the ground at any one moment. The long rear legs fit in between the smaller legs at the front and, despite so many legs, a running centipede rarely trips up.

Most of the segments in a millipede's body consist of two segments joined together. The number of segments depends on the species, but most have between 10 and 100 segments. Each segment has two pairs of legs, except the seventh. This is modified for reproduction.

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