What Can I Do About Fire Ant Bites?


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While raising two daughters in south Texas, we kept a bottle of Bactine spray in the house. Fire ant bites were pretty regular and the spray helped deaden the pain while the bodies immune system fought the poison. Unless there is some serious allergic reaction this should work for you as well.
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Put Wet Tobacco on it, and band aid it! That's Indian and literally draws out the poison, first!
Then rub with Alcohol it STOPS the itch!
And I'm a Cowboy from Florida! I know!
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Well I always use an aspirin dissolved in a little water and put it on the bite. Works really well.
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The fire ant when bites causes many problems like, swelling and pain at the bite site, increased heart rate, swelling of throat, severe itching and pustule formations. Treatment starts immediately with repeated placing of ice on the bite site for 10 minutes with 10 minutes gape. Then visit to emergency centers in hospital.
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You need to pop it, clean it and put some triple antibiotic ointment on it and watch it for a few days

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