What Kind Of Fruit And Veg Can I Feed My Guinea Pig?


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As Guinea pigs need a lot of vitamin C, it is better to feed those fruit and veg that contain large amounts of it. These include carrots, cucumber, celery, tomato flesh, cabbage and cauliflower. However, it is best to give only small amounts of some fruits and vegetables such as cauliflower and cabbage, as they can make the Guinea pig have quite a lot of gas.
Celery should be cut into small pieces before giving it to your guinea pig as because it is quite stringy, it can be hard for them to swallow and digest.

You should never give your Guinea pig any of the following:

� Dairy products
� Corn
� Raw Beans
� Rhubarb
� Tomato leaves and stalks

Whenever you give any fruit and vegetables, you should be careful not to give too much in one sitting. This is because any change to their diet could cause them to have a stomach upset and it can make them ill. So sticking to small quantities of a variety of different fruits and veg is advisable.
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Something no-one has mentioned so far is by far the cheapest option - grass!
I have had four guinea-pigs and although I give them dried food and greens and carrots etc they will quite happily munch grass before all of these.
However, if you do pick a small amount of grass to give them, make sure that it has not been treated with any weed killer etc, and do not give lawn-mowed grass!
Of course they can't just live on grass and nothing else.
Red pepper is also rich in vitamin C which all of my guinea-pigs love and they do like to occassionally munch on small florets of broccoli.
The herb parsley can also be a tasty treat.
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Guinea pigs (cavies) MUST always have hay to eat, they can actually die of hay deficiency. Obesity is a problem so be careful not to overfeed with non-hay food, otherwise.

Lettuce is also advised against sometimes, as it has a high water to nutrition content (so, effectively bulk without substance). Okay in small amounts.

Foods high in oxalic acid (like spinach and carrot tops) may also promote kidney stones, a problem cavies are prone to. Some research suggests that carrots should also be limited for similar reasons. So best to give in limited amounts (much as the cavies tend to love these foods).

Pregnant Females have higher nutritional requirements and should probably have fruit and veg available at all times.
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Always make sure that the guinea pig eats a lot of fruit and veg. As a treat you can give them special chocolate which you can buy at all good pet stores but make sure that you only treat them once a week.
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You can feed them the following:
lettuce (not iceberg because it can make them very sick)
pear (seeds removed)
orange (only once a week)
apple ( core and seeds removed)
cucumber ( very good on a hot day)
strawberries (sparingly)
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What abou cabbage? Is it poisonous? I give it to them occasionally (I used to always give it to them, then I heard it was bad for them, but not poisonous, so now ive stopped until I get an answer) thank you
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Guinea pigs like leafy greens and crunchy veggies like lettuce, celery, spinach, carrots and apples.  They will not eat citrus fruits.  Guinea pigs will also munch on fresh timothy hay.  All guinea pigs need vitamin c in their diet- the best way to insure this is by providing them guinea pig feed specially made for guinea pigs (not rabbit feed).  Guinea pigs also like lots of fresh water daily.
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They can eat loads of things. They are lactose intolerant though. and beans are poisonous to them.
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My piggies love parsley, dark greens, cherries, apples, oranges, celery. But I feed them that as a treat. They get a really good quality food and hay all the time.

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