How Can I Determine The Age Of A Baby Squirrel?


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There are several websites and books that provide a picture guide to the different growth stages of a squirrel. At around one week old a squirrel looks pinkish in colour covered over with one single layer of skin. These tiny squirrels have tiny toenails and fingernails.

At around two weeks of age the babies start developing slits and the fur starts to appear. At around two and a half to four weeks of age the eyelids start to form and the fur starts to cover the tail and back. The ears open at around five weeks and the eyes start to open. At five to six weeks of age a squirrel has a thin furry body and large hands and feet. The tail too starts to get furrier.

By the time a squirrel is six to seven weeks of age the body is fuller and so is the tail. The squirrel gets a size that is in proportion to its head. At eight weeks a juvenile squirrel can eat solid foods and sit up on its own.
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I have an orphaned squirrel and I am wondering why he still has no balance or can't sit on his own yet,. He fell from a nest two weeks ago. He is fully fury but still has no long upper theeth. His tail is long and fury. He has gained his eyesight only about 5 days ago. I am having a hard time to guess his age. My main question and worry is about his balance. He crawls on his side and not on all fours.

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