What Do You Call A Baby Squirrel?


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A baby squirrel is referred to as an infant or baby while in the nest.  For the first year of its life, it is called a juvenile.

After the first year, it becomes an adult and is simply called a squirrel.

Baby squirrels are mostly born in the spring, and there are usually four squirrels in a litter. The gestation period of a squirrel (from mating to birth) is six weeks. 

At birth, a baby squirrel weighs just one ounce and is only an inch long.  Squirrels are born without teeth and hair, and are blind for six to eight weeks. A healthy female will have two litters a year.
What is a Squirrel's Nest Called?
A squirrel's nest is called a 'drey'.  They build them out of twigs with leaves attached and the nests are about the size of a football.  A juvenile squirrel will build its own drey at around three months old.

A squirrel survives on a diet of:

  • hazelnuts
  • acorns
  • beech
  • tree bark
  • leaves
  • shoots
  • flowers
To lead an active life, a squirrel needs to consume a pound of food each week.

A squirrel can live for up to ten years but most only survive for three to four years in the wild.
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Baby squirrels are called babies or infants while in the nest. Then for their first year they are called juveniles. After that they are simply called Squirrels. They seem to have no special other name.
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