When Is Your Dog Too Old?


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Remember that the characteristic lifespan seen in dogs will vary significantly by breed. In general smaller dogs frequently live well over 15 to 16 years while medium as well as large size dogs on average live 10 to 13 years. At the same time certain giant breeds will frequently have just 7 to 8 years. The other breeds also mature slightly fasted as compared to smaller breeds.

Signs of again in dogs would be almost akin to those in humans. - giant breeds becoming adult around two years old compared to the norm of around 12 - 15 months for other breeds. Look for loss of hearing, signs of loss of vision (or cataracts) as well as decreased activity. Weakening of your dog's immune system with age leads to infection and illness.
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I have an 8 year old female chihuahua, she has never had puppies nor been fixed...can she still become pregnant at this late in the game?
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It depends on the dog's breed and how good is his health condition.
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I have a miniture pinscher and she is 9 yrs .so I don't how old to old is .I think they live how they are raised ..if they are raised good and with love I think they will live a long time .
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My dog is about 16 years old. For a long awhile she been urining to extreme and needs to drink a lot of water. The urine smells really bad and trying to make her life comfortable is hard. One question is she in pain and I don't know it??
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When it can't move anymore and smells like roadkill, or when they need assistance going to the bathroom. When they fall and can't get up. If a guest recommends that you stuff them.

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