How Old Is A Boy Dog When His Testicles Drop?


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Well, if you know what you are doing you can often feel them by 4 to 6 weeks old. Most people would be able to feel them around 8 weeks. Sometimes they play peekaboo and one higher up may be more difficult to detect. Sometimes one (or both) will be retained but can drop a little later. They don't always descend though. If for some reason the sire has a retained testicle (not responsible breeding) then it's not really worth waiting to see if it's going to drop before neutering. If they haven't both dropped around 9 months or if for some reason you know it's not going to (if you can tell where the one retained is) usually best to just neuter then. You can't monitor for testicular cancer in a retained testicle and also is more common. Waiting for them to drop can just make a neuter surgery less complicated. There is usually a small additional fee for neutering on a dog with retained testicle(s) as they must go in and get them a little more like a spay so more complicated and they aren't just right there.

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