Is It Too Late To House Train My Two-year-old Dog?


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No.  It is not too late to house train your dog.  It may be harder now.  When they are young it is easier.  It's hard but not impossible.  Try using treats/rewards and show it a certain place to do its business.
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No  its not to late if you feel you can't train him yourself there is training sessions you can do on a weekly basis good luck hope it works out for you
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I don't think it is to late. You should keep trying no matter what. It may ge hard but keep going. My heart goes out to you. I'm gay. Well good luck with your dog.
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No it's not, just make sure when he goes and potty in the yard or where ever he goes potty give him a tre after to train him
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Isn't crate training keeping a dog in his crate and letting him out to go potty?  That is my understanding of it.  Dogs do not normally want to urinate and defecate in their sleep environment.  In any case, I'm sure most dogs can be house trained at just about any age as they are often adopted at all ages and most people want a trained dog.  Pet Smart and/or Petco offer potty training for pups and I'll bet that they at least know of training for older dogs too.  Good luck.
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Are you sure? My dog pisses in his bed. I had to put a baby gate in my bedroom door to keep him out cuz he would pee on my bed too
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NO, it is never too late to potty train a dog. Here's How to Start. [learn more details at How to Potty Train a Service Dog]

1: Commit yourself to a house training schedule

Devise a schedule and stick with it. The schedule should include mealtimes, play sessions, training sessions, going outside and taking naps.

2: Supervise your dog

To keep an eye on your puppy the whole time, you should limit the access area in the house. If you put him behind some baby barriers or in a playpen, this would effectively control his area of activity. This should help you to notice the subtle signals of your puppy when he is ready to go outside.

3: Advanced training

After completing step 1 and step 2, it is time to train it with potty commands.

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Nope. It never is. It may be a little harder, but it is definitely possible with a little effort.
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it maybe  be to late because when they are just little babys they need to be train right away so then when they grow up they know everything that they need to learn

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