What Is The Lifespan Of Giant Tortoises?


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Giant tortoises are believed to be the longest living animals with an average lifespan ranging anywhere from 120-200 years. The exact lifespan of giant tortoises has never been properly documented though most species in captivity have been observed to live over 100 years and more often outliving several generations of human beings.

One of the most famous giant tortoises was Harriet who was supposed to be born in 1830 and who was kept in a zoo in Australia until her death in 2006; the tortoise was believed to have been caught by the world famous biologist Charles Darwin during his scientific expedition to the Galapagos Islands. Giant tortoises are mainly found on the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean and on some tropical islands of the Indian Ocean.

The tortoises' longevity is attributed to its slow movements and its breathing rate which is presumed to be 3-5 times per minute; humans breathe 12-20 times per minute. The diet of the giant tortoises mainly includes plants, grass and fruits.
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200-255 years
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Zoo-ologists do not know for this is the first milennia in which they bothered to keep track by passing on the care of a pair of torti for 200 plus years. : )  in which they kept records for this purpose.oh! And why do they spell zoologist without the extra o. : )and I use torti for a mated pair of turtles.:) haahahaahah
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Mickel Ross , I am travel lovin person, During my last visit to Galapagos Islands i get to learn a lot about Giant tortoises. Writing on Giant tortoises h, answered

Giant tortoises ( found at Galapagos) are the longest living reptiles. They have average life span of 80 to 180 years. The oldest tortoise is of 326 years!! Isn't that amazing.  Tortoise can even live without food, as they are warm loving animals, is the months of winter when temperature goes below 5 degree, Tortoise hide themselves and in those three months they take very little food. for more on Giant tortoise refer to :

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One day

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