How Many Sub-species Of Panda Are There? Red Panda, Giant Panda, Are There Any More?


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Giant Panda is a specie of Bear that we commonly know as Panda. Red Panda is not a kind of Pands, it is basically another specie that has similar characteristics but also has very different characteristics. There are two subspecies of Giant Panda which are:
Ailuropoda melanoleuca melanoleuca
Ailuropoda melanoleuca qinlingensis or Qinling Panda.
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The red Panda is of a different species, but shares much of the habitat, of the giant panda. Aicha got the word on the other species of panda.
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I think that both the Red Panda and the Giant Panda  share the characteristics of bears  and raccoons. The Giant more bear and the Red more raccoon. Going back some 10 million years or so they probably share a common ancestor. There are also two living sub-species of red pandas. The Western Red and the Styan's red.

---} read about the Cincinnati Zoo's Red Panda conservation effort {---
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Red Pandas are completely different from Giant Pandas, but there are 2 sub species of Red Pandas

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