When A Puppy Has Excessive Thick, Mucous Type Drool Coming From The Mouth, What Does That Mean?


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Excessive and sudden drooling in dogs if accompanied by some other symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, weakness, swelling of mouth or lips, breathing problems, problems with swallowing, vomiting and bad odor from mouth is medical emergency that needs visit to vet. Following are some common causes of sudden and excessive drooling in dogs.

1. Stomach disorders
2. Mouth ulcers
3. Tumors in mouth
4. Metabolic disorders
5. Gum & dental diseases
6. Tongue injury

So, for accurate diagnosis and treatment of your dog's problem, take him to your local vet because treatment depends upon cause.
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Drooling due to food stimulation and excitement is normal in dogs but excessive drooling can be due to many reasons. For details, visit this link.

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