What Can I Give A Boxer Bred Dog For A Runny Eye?


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You should not give any medicine to your dog for watery or runny eyes because use of eye medicines without proper diagnosis can further aggravate the condition. Dogs have watery eyes due to irritations in the eyes. These irritations are caused by many factors. These can be
  1. Glaucoma
  2. Conjunctivitis due to virus or bacteria
  3. Hair in the eyes
  4. Abnormal growth of eyelashes
  5. Problems in the eyelids
  6. Abnormal tear drainage
  7. Allergy to air pollution, smoke and dust
Treatment depends upon underling cause. To diagnose cause first visit a vet. After diagnosis, treatment can be suggested.
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I own a Boxer, and his eyes water along with his nose. If your dogs nose is runny try giving him Benadrly at night time. It tend to make them drowsy. If that doesn't work, then take him to he vet. Give him a dose as you would a child. Don't give him too much.

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