Cat Has A Runny Eye,What's The Problem?


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I wish I could understand why people wont take their cats to the vet--you should have done this even if you couldnt see anything wrong but the cat has a problem--GO TO THE VET !!!!
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Unfortunately there are so many reasons for runny eyes, usually an upper respiratory infection that will eventually go away. Vets are ridiculously expensive and in my experience they do many unnecessary tests that tell you nothing and charge you a fortune. They will not answer a simple question over the phone, but tell you to bring your cat in...this so they can carge you another fortune while giving you no answers. L-lysine is also good for a cat's upper respiratory infection. Keep the eyes clean and clear of build-up and it should subside. Go to the vet if it doesn't go away within several weeks.
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You should immediately take her to the vet. If you can not do this use mildest possible eyedrops in her eyes for both the eyes. This happens due to the infections cats get through plant poisining.

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