What Do Bluebirds Eat?


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The main foods that bluebirds like to eat are insects such as crickets and grasshoppers and often insect larvae. But contrary to popular belief, they do not eat earthworms. These are very bad for bluebirds as they are unable to digest them properly.

Other foods that you can give to bluebirds include a variety of berries such as Eastern Red Cedar, Pagoda, Flowering and Kousa Dogwoods, Red Mulberry and American Holly. They will also eat mealworms (do not confuse with earthworms) and peanut butter suet.

If you have a Bluebird (or several) who regularly visits your garden then you may be wondering how or what you can feed them. The first thing to remember is that Bluebirds will not feed off feeding tables, so don't waste any money buying one. Most people tend to offer their visiting Bluebirds mealworms however, all these are great for Bluebirds, they should not be the only thing they eat. If you have a nest nearby in your garden then it is recommended that you give around 200 mealworms a day to a nesting pair. Perhaps 300 or more if they have fledglings. Mealworms can easily be bought in bulk for quite a cheap price from the majority of pet stores.

If you place the mealworms  where the Bluebirds will be able to easily see them, then they will definitely come down and accept them. Start by placing them in a shallow glass dish with sides on it to stop the mealworms crawling out and make sure it is glass so that the Bluebirds can definitely see them. The wriggling of the mealworms alone will attract them. Then you can gradually start to move the dish further and further away from the nest. Eventually you will be able to put them in some kind of feeder.
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Bluebirds prefer to feed on platform bird feeders which are filled with the grubs of the darkling beetle. The grubs of the darkling beetle are the preferred food of the bluebird, and they are sold as mealworms in most of the online wholesalers and retail outlets which sell bird products. They also like to eat raisins which are soaked in water.

During the winter season, a bluebird prefers to splash around in a backyard birdbath which contains water which has been heated. Bluebirds are basically territorial birds. Their natural habitat is open grasslands or plains which have scattered trees. They are cavity nesters.

The animals which are the most common predators of the young ones of bluebirds in their nests are the snakes, the cats and the raccoons. Bluebirds compete with the common starlings and the house sparrows, both of which are predators of the young ones of the bluebirds, for nesting locations.
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Bugs, seeds and berries :) Hope this helps x
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Well I fought a baby blue jay bird today at my school...I kept it safe some where dureing 4th block and when I left 4th block me and my boyfriend got it...and took it home I went to da store and bought worms for like 4.22 cents and I been chooping the worms up and smoshing it a lil and droping it in the birds mouth it seems to like it and I got a syrenge and I put water in it and give it lil drops of water intill he shuts his muth that means he had enought you suppose to feed it every 4 hours as I heard..
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During the summer they like to eat insects (80% of their diet), berries from small trees and bushes, and meal worms. During the summer they eat fruit from hollies, flowering Dogwood, winter berry, and Eastern Red Cedar,
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They eat food.

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