What Type Of Insect Is Long, Thin, Brown, Has Spots, Many Legs And Is Found In The Home?


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Although it is very difficult to identify a creature based on a description, as insects make up about 80 per cent of the animal kingdom, it seems like the insect being described is a daddy long legs spider or a crane fly.These two creatures look very similar and both are often found in the home but the main difference is that the crane fly has wings and the daddy long legs spider does not. Neither species actually live in houses but are often found in homes, specifically in bathrooms. They will usually be found lurking in the corners of rooms, behind furniture or on the ceiling. Daddy long legs spiders cannot fly, but can jump a long way. Crane flies, however, are able to fly short distances using their wings. Daddy long legs spiders have very short life spans, only living up to a few weeks in which they mate and die within a few days. Crane flies are often hated by gardeners as their young, known as larvae, live by eating vegetation and sometimes the roots of plants- causing them to fail to grow properly and die. Neither the crane fly nor the daddy long legs spider are dangerous to humans, their worst attribute being an irritating habit of fluttering around windows and lampshades, much like a large moth. There is a myth that the daddy long legs spider has the most fatal poison known to man but has no teeth or fangs to inject it with. However, despite research being able to prove that indeed, daddy long legs spiders have insufficient fangs to pierce human skin with, there is no proof that they have any kind of venom at all, let alone the most poisonous known to man. There are museums and organisations who could identify the insect.

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