What Do Crawfish Eat?


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Crawfish eat veggies, fish food, mullet, shad, pogies, and most other fish that they can get to
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Crawfish usually prefer such foods as shrimp pellets and various vegetables. These fish are also kept as pets in freshwater aquariums. They also eat such food as tropical fish food, wafers which are made of algae and some smaller varieties of fish, such as goldfish or minnows, which come too close to them.

They eat almost anything, and this sometimes causes them to consume most of the plants in an aquarium or a fish tank. Crayfish are basically very shy creatures by nature and often attempt to hide under the leaves or rocks which are present in a fish tank or an aquarium.

Crayfish are known to be very effective scavengers. They feed on the remains of fish that are dead. If they see a chance for an easy meal or a threat, especially at night when they become less energetic and settle down at the bottom of the fish, they injure it or kill it with their claws.
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Crayfish eats almost everything. They eat fish food, turtle food, little fish and more
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They love some fresh pickles

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