Can Canine Parvovirus Be Transmitted By Human Touch Or Can It Only Be Transmitted Through Contact With An Infected Dogs Feces? Neighbor's Dog Had Parvo & She Had Pet My Dog, Is It Possible For Mine To Be Infected By Her Touching Him?


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Parvovirus is contagious and can cause serious health issues especially in puppies. Most common routes of their transmission are
  1. Direct contact with the feces of infected dogs
  2. Contaminated yards
  3. Contaminated grounds
  4. Contaminated objects like Collar and leashes
  5. Contaminated foods and water/food bowls
  6. Hands of caretakers of infected dogs
Infected dogs can have parvovirus on the hairs and legs from the environment. Canine parvovirus does not harm humans but if caretaker of infected dogs does not wash hands after touching infected dogs then there are chances that he may spread this virus to healthy dogs. Although chances of transfer of parvovirus from your neighbor are poor but still exist. Your dog should be tested for parvo as well to clear doubts and also vaccinated.

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