Can Human Be Infected By Rabies By Scratch From Dog's Tooth?


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Casey Su answered
The only way to know if the animal has the disease FOR SURE is to cut their head off and sample the brain tissue. My advice is to go to the doctors ASAP if you even suspect it. Only one human has ever lived through rabies with no vaccines on the first day. She's in an induced coma. Please, do yourself a favour, and go to the doctors. 6 shots (the precautionary amount of the vaccines) is nothing in comparison to a slow and painful death.
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If the scratch bleeds, yes it can
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It depends. Has the dog had a rabies shot? If it has there isn't to much to worry about. If not, has the dog been acting wierd lately, foaming from the mouth, or avoiding water? If so, get to the doctor. If it hasnt had a shot and the cut is bleeding, go to the doctor as well

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