The Area Around My Dogs Nose Is Inflamed And She Keeps Licking It. Is It Dangerous For Her Or A Disease?


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A healthy dog normally has a wet, cold nose.your dog could unfortunately be suffering from the flu, could have a problem or infection in her nose, or could have been stung by wasp. I think she might feel very uncomfortable and may be in pain because of the inflamed nose.I recommend taking her to the vet immediately.If you live near the Blue Cross, they will treat animals for free. I really hope this helps. Tell us how she gets on.
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cooper shannon answered
It could also be allergies, if there is colored pus yellow, white, green, brownish, those are signs of outward infection, as is a high temp. Is your dog listless, not its self? Those are also signs that something might be wrong.

Also look for vomiting/diareah. Do you use some kind of carpet powder or spray, heavy perfume, furniture cleaner, some trigger for allergies.

If the dog isn't running a temp, listless, sick with above mentioned. Try removing allergies, in an order to see what it could be, keep in mind it could be a combo. Good fortune.

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