Can Cats Get Pregnant With Humans?


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No, they cannot. It is impossible for one species to impregnate a member of another, different species.

Any sexual abuse of a cat (or indeed of any animal) by a human is a serious offence - and you will be punished by the legal system if this is the case.

Your pets will also be taken away from you.

Can cats get pregnant by humans?
  • Cats can only be impregnated by other cats.
  • Likewise, humans can only be impregnated by fellow humans.
  • Any human-cat sexual abuse will be punished severely, as it constitutes animal abuse.
  • The cat is the most popular domestic animal in the world, followed closely by the dog.
  • The modern domesticated cat is a descendant of the African wildcat. These animals were domesticated for both companionship and because of their affection towards their owners. They are also great for getting rid of pests such as rats and mice!
  • Today's domestic cats are believed to have descended from as few as five female African wildcats.
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No, they can't, but if they could, they could go on the Maury show to find the baby daddy!

In all seriousness, I hope you are asking this out of curiosity, and not because you are sexually-abusing your cat!
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No, they can not get pregnant from humans. So relax, you're not the father.

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