How Can I Treat Cat Vomiting Daily?


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By chance, are you leaving out a lot of food ?   If he eats too much, and then drinks water, the cat food expands, and therefore, he has to throw up...
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This may have to do with the age of the cat. In all ages I understand that vomiting can be a symptom of infection, in which case the cat would need an exam and antibiotic from the vet. Sometimes a cat without an infection vomits because it cannot properly digest the food being given. In your case if you are changing foods, you should be sensitive to the fact that some foods are acceptable by cats more than others. I've seen cats thrive on dry foods and vomit wet foods, or vomit good foods because of nerves. Vomiting every day, this being a consistent recurrence, is more suggestive of a possible infection. I've sometimes given my own cats home remedies like vitamins A, C, and Garlic tabs when they were squeemish. That seemed to have helped. Sometimes they just need extra attention. Vomiting is also a response that is a fight-or-flight response, they would rid themselves of food so as to be able to run faster; like a hit of adrenaline. So be sure that your cat's environment is comfortable.
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You could also try just plain old fashioned grass picked right out of the yard. Sometimes they eat it to either make themselves throw up, or to make themselves feel better.

There is also the possibility of a tapeworm, and this can't be treated without the vet. If it is a tapeworm, it will keep doing this to the cat, and the cat will lose the battle with it ultimately.

She has a long life ahead of her, you could look for a vet that would be more willing than others to allow you a little extra time to pay. I think that if the cat gives you that much comfort, maybe you could afford to give her some comfort too. Good luck.
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The problem could be simple as fur ball yuk! But there could be a more serious underlying problem. Feline leukemia is a scary one for our beloved kitty's. Or diet sometimes could cause this. Just watch him or her and make sure no other symptoms arise. Loose stool. (not the wad of fur ball) It totally looks like a lump of feces. For real. But it is vomit.
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My cat was doing the same thing they tested her thyroid and it was fine; so I had to pay over two hundred dollars to get more tests; and it is a form of cronins disease I started giving her; nine lives cat food; they recommend you keep them on the same cat food; it had nothing to do with hair balls; it is there digestive system.
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Most cats eat grass when something is upsetting their stomachs. So your cat is probably eating a lot of grass or any kind of plant life to make its stomach feel better. I would take it to a vet, it could be something internal such as worms.
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I had a dog that started doing that. I noticed that it was because I was leaving home alone more than normal.
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It sounds like hair balls. When cats clean themselves they take in an inordinate amount of hair. Go to your local pet store and get some elixer for hair balls. If this doesn't work then take her to the vet.

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