How Do I Treat An Abscess On My Cat's Face?


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An abscess on your cats' face is extremely dangerous. Usually, they are inflicted by another cat biting them on their face with their tiger like tusks. Cats know what they are doing. Bites are extremely dangerous and can kill your cat since the bits is very deep and full of toxic bacteria! If your cat never goes out, and this is not a bite, it means a tooth has become abscessed! OWEEEEE! Still!, your cat needs to see a vet and this can kill your cat, too, because that bacteria is now in your cats bloodstream! Fever? I have had 1 cat that happened to, and I waited the weekend to take the cat to the vet and tried to doctor it with peroxide. BAD MISTAKE. Surgery was required, a whole flap of skin peeled up and a lot of cleaning was required, with a lot fo stitches, to get all that poison out. Good luck.

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