How Do I Give My Cat An Enema?


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Do not give your cat an enema at home. This procedure should be done at a veterinarian's office. You can cause severe damage to the rectum and colon if done inappropriate--rectal tears are very serious. Also many times owners think their cats are constipated because they attempt to defecate frequently and no stool is produced. This can also be a sign of diarrhea. The inflamed intestines lead to the increased urge to defecate but there is not fecal matter present.
Have your cat examined by a veterinarian to determine if this is constipation or diarrhea and have appropriate treatment instituted.
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Our cat has been diagnosed with megacolon. We do give him enemas - at home - per our cat veternatian. She advised us how to do it. Do not ever, ever use the solution inside the enema = only use the container. With an extended colon, even though he is on a special low residue, no grain diet and gets lactulouse for the constipation-it's not working. So we will do the enemas until we can arrange for surgery - to take out part of his colon as he has chronic megacolon. Do your what vet says!!

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