Can You Use An Elastic Band To Neuter Your Cat?


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Seriously people. Its a cat. Get off your high hippie horse. How can you compare a human to a cat, you really arent thinking "wisequeen". While banding is a safer alternative to castrate a calf, I seriously think your cat would get really angy for a couple of hours and be very able to bite and claw his way through the band. If you could knock out your cat for a couple of hours with ether he might wake up and not notice.  After the initial 2 hours the nerves arent sending a signal and he wont notice. You must make sure it is a proper banding rubberband, because if he gets it off, al that work and pain was for naught.
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KNOCK THE CAT OUT? You have to be kidding me. I really hope you have no animals of your own or intend on having any animals. Lets try tying a rubberband around your dick and balls, knock you out, and see how you feel when you wake up. Doesn't sound pleasant does it?
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I can't understand why anyone would ask this? A joke surely? Lets hope you havent bred.
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Definitely not! and should you do this, you would be considered cruel, and someone may report you to the animal protection authorities, they could make a case against you, you could even get a fine and a criminal record for this.

Think about it how would you like an elastic band tied tight around your parts, for a week or so. Can you imagine the agony you would go though, while the blood flow was stopped and they became infected.
I'm sure you can, the answer is you should not even consider it, take your cat to the vet.

If you cannot afford a vet, take it to an animal shelter in a cat box, you could ask them to lend you one for a deposit, and then they could do the operation there in the clinic, and you could offer a small donation to the shelter.

It is not a complicated procedure, but it needs to be done humanely.

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