Do You Have A Photo Of Ear Mites?


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Ear mites are rather difficult to see unless there are lots of them together. They give off a dark discharge that appears to look like tiny black dots clustered inside your pet's ears. Follow this link to the Google Images website which will show you loads of different images of ear mites in different animals to give you an idea of what to look out for

Ear mites are basically just mites that live inside the ears of animals. They are extremely contagious and can be spread by even the briefest physical contact between animals. In household pets, ear mites usually affect cats, ferrets and dogs however humans cannot be infected with ear mites.

The primary symptoms of ear mites include the pet scratching at its ears, a vigorous shaking of the head and a dark discharge being excreted from the ears. This discharge is the main way that vets will check for ear mites. They will put it under a microscope to look for mites and their eggs.

Ear mites can be topically treated after the removal of all the debris and discharge from the inner ear. A number of anti parasitic medicines may also be used by the vet. Households that contain a number of pets that have been infected with ear mites may be treated with ivermectin which can either be taken orally or through an injection.

There can be several serious consequences that arise in cases of untreated ear mites. Because cats are outdoor creatures that are always out and about meeting other animals, ear mites are extremely common as they can pass quickly from cat to cat. Ear mites can cause inflammatory symptoms that are similar to human yeast and bacterial infections. Other more serious problems caused by untreated ear mites include a skin disease in areas like the neck and tail and even deafness.
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Ear mites are parasites that can live in the ear canals of dogs and cats. These mites are contagious and can be transmitted from affected to healthy dogs. Ear mites in dogs can cause following symptoms
  1. Ear scratching
  2. Head shaking
  3. Ear bleeding
Use of insecticide after consultation with vet can be helpful. So, take your dog to vet.
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Can people get mites
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Ear mites are hardly visable at first. As they worsen there like brown wax the best giveaway is the discusting smell that comes with them.
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it is simple photo....if you want to know specifically,you ca search in internet...
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They are very small they look like dirt and usually if left untreated build up and dog can ge a secondary bacterias infection.A dogs ear should be clean and free of ear wax if you see debri dark brown waxy stuff in his ear you may want to take him to a vet. The meds for ear mites are not very expensive and would save your dog a lot of  anguish. Dogs usually scratch at their ears if the mites get bad enough. Good luck

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