My Dog Has Brown, Dry, And Crusty Nipples. What Does This Mean?


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If your dog has brown, dry and crusty nipples, this could be a sign of a variety of problems.

Take your animal to the vet, who will be able to undertake a more detailed examination of the problem area, and hopefully make a swift diagnosis
While you are waiting for the vet to establish what is causing this issue with your dog, however, it would be best to wash your dog regularly - to prevent its nipples from becoming infected.

Once the vet has made his or her diagnosis, then treatment can begin right away.

Why are my dog's nipples crusty?
Your dog could be suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • False pregnancy: Dogs can suffer from what is known as "false pregnancy", which could cause problems with the nipples.
  • Breast cysts: Your dog may have breast cysts, in which case the vet may have to operate to remove them.
  • Allergy: Allergies can sometimes cause inflammation of the nipples, causing your dog to rub them.
Your dog will have to see a vet.
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The dog needs a bath. All dogs like to play outside and many will get dirty on their belly area. Nothing serious is going on, it's just dirty.

Take a warm soapy washcloth and clean around the nipples. The dog will probably enjoy it.

Make sure you rinse it off so you don't leave soap to become more crust.

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