Is It Ok To Buy A Second Cockatiel Three Years After Getting The First?


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You can buy another cockatiel - especially if they are "cage-bound".  Do you take your bird out of it's cage at least 1 hour a day? If not...  Please buy another cockatiel!  If you do buy another, try to buy from a breeder.  Look on the internet for "Aviculture Societies" in your area.  They can refer you to a reputable breeder.  Bring the new bird home and place it in a separate cage next to your current cockatiels cage.  Let them get used to each other for a few days,  This is so important!  It may cost you a little more to buy a second cage, but if you want a happy couple - it's the right thing to do.  Your bird will bond to the new bird after awhile.  Don't let it hurt your feelings.  It's God's way.  If one of them lays eggs in their food dish...  Contact me, that's an issue all it's own.
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yes, the current cockateil is actually allowed to wander thr house the whole time, and follows me everywhere. Part of the reason why I'm considering getting another, or for company for him, and so that he can sometimes be in his cage when we have visitors without being fed up. As it is, I feel bad putting him in his cage as he's so used to freedom.
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That should still be okay... After the new bird gets to know you - maybe a few weeks, let it out of it's cage for increasing amounts of time with your current cockatiel. What you want to avoid is it getting scared and hurting itself by flying into a wall or something similar because it is temporarily disoriented. You will probably be able to have them in a cage more frequently - with the door open and they may come out, or they may not. Good luck!
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Do research on this. I always thought Cocktail were loyal to their owner. I know that they're great pets. Hopefully it'll work out with two.

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