How Do You Treat Ear Mites In Dogs?


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Clean the ears with cotton ball soaked with alcohol then put mineral oil in the with an ear dropper and rub the outside of the ear to thoroughly spread the oil. The oil will smother the mites and relieve the irritation. This should be done twice a day for at least two weeks or until ears are absolutely clear of brownish color and/or puss.
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Generally puppies and dogs that catch ear mites have the tendency of scratching around their ears all the while. Incase they is an infestation then the ear canals of the dog will generally begin to bleed. Incase you see some kind of coffee coloured dirt in the ear then you dog definitely has mites in his ears. If ear mites are not treated soon then they can cause severe ear damage and it could also lead to permanent hearing loss.

To treat these mites you have a whole lot of products available in the market but it is necessary that you consult your vet before you can use anything. Do it at the earliest before you known your dog is way too far for a treatment.

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