How To Make A 3d Insect?


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Virtual insects can be a lot of fun to make and are fairly easy to create.
What you will need is:

A glue stick such as Elmer’s Washable Glue Stick or any other will work just as good
Some 3D Paint Pens
Construction paper
A ruler
A pencil
Some bug pictures
An eraser

1.Now take your pencil and looking at your bug pictures, draw the ones you would like to recreate in 3D onto the pieces of construction paper. Don’t worry if they don’t look exactly like the picture, your own drawing will be more original, and by using a pencil, you can erase anything that you don’t like.

2.Once you have drawn the bug or bugs to your satisfaction, take your scissors and carefully cut them out.

3.Using your paint pens and paint you can now decorate and color them. Set them aside for a while to dry.

4.Take another piece of construction paper and cut some strips that measure one inch by three inches. Then fold each of your strips into very small sections by folding them one way and then the other until you have reached the end of each piece. This fold is called an accordion fold and looks a little like an accordion.

5.Now you are ready to attach the one end of your accordion strip to a large piece of construction paper. For a more realistic look, green works the best for grass, but don’t be afraid to use your imagination here because that’s what creating is really all about!

6.Take your bug and attach him to the other end of the accordion paper. Notice, now that your bug pops right up off the paper!

7.Continue repeating these steps with each new bug that you have created and you will have a lovely little grouping of 3D bugs!

You can also add to your display by making some 3D flowers in the same way or any other plant or animal that you can think of.

Have fun!
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You can draw one and draw another, equiv lent to the 1st one and then put one on top of the other bend it a little and glue only the middle then you should get a 3d caterpillar! Enjoy! ;0

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