What Kind Of Snake Is Brown With White Rings?


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SidrA Tasneem answered
This is the rattle snake that has brown skin with white rings on the body and it is found in desserts and hills. This is very poisonous snake that is commonly found in different countries.
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emma danish answered
Go to your nearest library or vet they will have more books or maybe the vets might just even tell you
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A vet could tell you, I'm sure. You can also type in "snakes" in the google search bar, click images, once you get into images, add a slash, and brown snakes with rings after the word "snakes" that you typed in the search bar.
There are all kinds of images there, and maybe you can find out there. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Came across snake about 18 inches long, and was white body with brown diamonds, touching each other, what is it?

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