Why Does My Hamster Have Scabs And Hair Loss?


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There could be numerous reasons why your hamster has suddenly started to lose its hair and to have scabs on its skin. Unfortunately, without looking at the hamster there is no way I could diagnose the problem properly.

The best advice I can give you is to take your furry friend to a veterinary practice as soon as possible, as it sounds as if this condition is probably causing your hamster a great deal of discomfort.

Why does my hamster have scabs and suffering hair loss?
  • Abscesses can cause these symptoms in hamsters, so check over your pet's body to see if there are any lumps or areas of swelling.
  • Mites are one of the most common problems in hamsters that can cause this kind of hair loss. Luckily, these little nuisances can be treated quickly and rather easily. The vet may give your pet an injection or some skin drops to solve the problem.
  • If the cause isn't any of those mentioned above, then it could be an allergy that is causing irritation to your hamster's skin, and thus making it bite the problem areas.
I cannot stress how important it is that you take your hamster to the vets to get him checked out properly.
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My hamster is having that problem right now. I took her to the vets last week - and it was confirmed she had mites, possibly from the bedding.

But for the past week, I have had to spread a medicine onto her scab twice daily, but things seem to be clearing up.

Hope this helps.
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Likely causes are parasites--like mites or ringworm, overgrooming, barbering by another hamster, traumatic injury, or skin abscesses/infection.

It would be best to have this hamster examined by a veterinarian to determine if treatment is needed.

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