Why Does My Female Cat Have Black Scabbed Spots Around Her Nipples?


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Usually these little scabbed spots around the nipple would not cause any concern.

If you're worried about these spots then take your pet to see your local vet, who will be able to perform a thorough examination of the scabs.

What are these black spots around my cat's nipple?
  • Usually these spots will simply be blackheads or other slight skin blemishes, which will have no impact on the overall health of your cat.
  • Another cause of the scabs could be allergies. If your cat has an allergy, then the skin around the nipple will become inflamed and irritated, which will then cause your cat to scratch at it - thus causing the scabs. Allergies will cause your cat discomfort but shouldn't have any serious health consequences. A vet can easily medicate your cat against another allergic reaction.
  • Of course, it could be something more serious, but the chances are that it will be the result of an allergic reaction or something else which is causing irritation to this part of your cat's body.
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Wow, I just finished asking my vet about this the other day! It's blackheads, or build up from too much oil secretion. Nothing to worry about unless it becomes red, and looks infected.

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